Left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) flow

Echocardiography Simulator


What about a little bit of theory before beginning?



Sample Volume position. Apical 5 Chamber view



Sample Volume position. Parasternal view Long axis


  • Run the Echocardiography Online Simulator
  • Choose "Apical 5 Chamber" Or "Parasternal Long" (Parasternal view, the Long axis of the heart) view from the List <<Positions>> or find the same position with 3D Transducer
  • Click the button <<PW>> to move to Pulse Wave Spectral Doppler (PW) or <<CW>> to move to Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler (CW)
  • Place Sample Volume proximal to the aortic valve (at a distance of 5-10 mm from the valve, towards the left ventricle) and click.


CW Doppler

LVOT flow. CW Doppler


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